Kovel Law Chronicle Vol. 2: Why Represent Solo-entrepreneurs and Freelancers?

The answer to the question I posed in the title of this post is “BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME WORKERS!” But there’s also an inherently business-centered reason. Those of you who perform your work in New York City are relatively well protected by local laws (which I will dive into in greater detail in future posts) but are SHOCKINGLY overlooked by many of my “Plaintiff-side” business and employment litigation attorney peers. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but a main one is that each law firm has different internal staffing levels and overhead expenses. This is especially true in New York City, where many of you know that expenses add up pretty much the moment you walk out of the front door in the morning. As a result, although my colleagues and peers at other firms will argue otherwise, many see potential clients as a math equation of maximum value divided by expected time to get a positive result. Some times the math just doesn’t add up to take a case, even if it has merit.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking at a business venture in that way. In many respects, we ask our clients to visualize the result they seek and then factor in risk, time, headache and heartache to get there.

However, I am not here to say that those other firms have their math wrong. I just have a different formula for success. I am here for the long play. Hopefully you like the counsel you receive and we all get what we sought from the outset of you utilizing our services. Then, hopefully, trust forms in one another. I become a resource in your tool belt to propel you and your work to new heights (even if it’s just by small increments—it will happen!). Then we are off and running. This is the long play. I am sticking to it and looking for clients who are doing the same.

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