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modern voice for workplace rights in New York City. We provide solution-oriented, empathetic legal support for the solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees of today.
You’re important, your work is important.

Today’s Solo-Entrepreneurs, Founders, Freelancers and Employees

Deserve a better Business and Employment Law Firm

Kovel Law was founded to fill a void in the market for high-end legal services in New York City. We provide pragmatic, high-touch legal counsel to today’s modern workforce: solo-business owners, entrepreneurial freelancers, and the most skillful, and creative employees.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with you to resolve workplace issues such as non-payment for your work, discrimination in your workplace, and retaliation for your protected complaints.  We have helped individual leaders in advanced technology, fashion, hospitality, finance, marketing and design, but are proud to represent individuals in all disciplines and fields. Because you are important and your work is important.

What We Do

Vendor/Service/Employment agreement and other contract review and negotiation.
Outside legal counsel for your solo-business.
Negotiation and litigation for business disputes.
Negotiation and litigation for claims of unpaid compensation.
Negotiation and litigation for claims of unlawful workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation.
Offer letter and severance package review and negotiation.
Workplace sexual harassment prevention training.
Your Attorney

Daniel Kovel


Tailored to New York City Solo-Entrepreneurs, Founders and Freelancers

From our initial conversation, we are committed to providing you with superior service and counsel on your terms. We strive to make it easy for you to communicate with our office. You will work directly with your attorney. You are able to reach us via phone, text, email, virtual conference and exchange documents electronically. We work on flat fees, contingent fees, flexible fees, payment plans and hourly. In essence, we aim to meet you where you are right now in every way. 

A shared Perspective

Created in New York City by Daniel H. Kovel, Kovel Law is a business and employment law firm designed to keep you moving towards your passion and beyond the pressing workplace issues that disrupt your business momentum.  

From our initial conversation, we are committed to providing superior service and counsel.  

Are you building your dream career but have a legal issue getting in the way? 

Make your reservation for a conversation with our office today. 

At the end of the day, you’re calling a lawyer to seek justice after having little to none.

You may end up unpacking a lot of hurt, anger and frustration. Our clients have told us that they chose to partner with Kovel Law because they gravitated first and foremost to our personality and empathy. We strive to avoid presuming to know your situation. We give that space back to you to tell us what’s going on. Where it makes sense to you, we are delighted to share our take on the pressing workplace issues that have disrupted your momentum in your workplace. If we work together, our goal is to empower you with critical results to get you back on track.

First you talk and we listen.

Then Kovel Law will walk you through every step of the process, together.
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