Kovel Law Chronicle Vol. 4: Let’s talk about discrimination.

As a solo entrepreneur working in New York City, did you know that you are a part of a small minority of independent contractors in America who are protected from discrimination in your workplace? Initially, statutory protections against employment discrimination applied only to “employees” in New York City. This limitation was used by countless companies

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Kovel Law Chronicle vol. 1: Could I Have Played a Role in Preventing the Next Thurgood Marshall From Becoming a Lawyer? A Note About My White Privilege and Racism.

Kovel Law begins its journey as a law firm during a very significant time for New York City and me personally. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery (among many other Black people) have been horrifically killed by police and former police in our country. New York City is protesting, grieving and mourning a relentless

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