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I wouldn’t seek legal advice elsewhere after working with Dan.

I had been freelancing for a popular NPO who refused to pay me my final paycheck.  This NPO that I was proud to support and be a part of was using me and my services, and I was completely in shock and dumbfounded. I was incredibly upset as I had conducted the work that was mutually agreed upon in the contract. I felt as if I had no one to turn to as a freelancer. I then called Dan, an expert lawyer in the workplace rights of freelancers and independent contractors, after being referred to him. After one conversation I realized Dan’s mission as a lawyer is to help people like me. Within a 72-hour turn around, I received my final payment from the company that owed it to me. Not only that, but the moment I spoke to Dan, I realized he was one of the kindest people I had I have ever encountered. Working with him was like working with family. I was updated regularly, with seamless communications regarding the details of my situation. Dan genuinely took the time to discuss every question I had and explained my rights as a freelance employee in detail. I had no idea I was entitled to any rights! Without Dan I would have not received my fair and just settlement nor would I truly understand my worth and value as a freelance employee, which in this current climate is incredibly necessary. I am more than grateful for his services and ability to connect with me on a personal level.”

Amanda D. - Freelance Social Media/Marketing Expert

Dan had my back and put me at ease from the first day he accepted my case.

Dan represented me after I was terminated for my complaints of gender discrimination in the workplace. Not only does Dan have skill as an attorney and litigator but he is also a person of integrity who has genuine care and compassion for helping folks, including in the creative industries and entrepreneurs like me.  I recommend Dan to anyone who has been discriminated against, unlawfully terminated, or inadequately paid as an employee, freelancer, solo-entrepreneur or independent contractor.”

Jennifer K. - Entrepreneur and Creative Design Expert

Dan was extremely empathetic and compassionate about my situation and offered some good advice.

I was working for a fairly large office technology company and began to question some of the behaviors and ethics in the office environment. I reached out to Dan to express how i was feeling and better understand my rights under employment law. Fast forward six months and I was terminated for retaliation as a result for filing a harassment complaint against a colleague. I was owed a sizable commission check at the time of my termination and therefore subsequently hired Dan. Dan took full control of the situation and was fully transparent and thorough in explaining the entire process and his approach. In the end Dan was able to resolve the situation fully and I was awarded my full commission check and a small settlement on top. I would recommend Dan to anyone who feels they were wronged by their employer and is seeking counsel.”

Former Client - Entrepreneur and Business Technology Expert

Dan is the best employment attorney I have dealt with. 

He provided a concise summary of a complex employment contract in layman’s terms and explained contract provisions in the context of my career and goals.  In addition, his practical advice and suggestions facilitated a successful negotiation in less than two weeks. Highly recommend Dan as an experienced employment attorney, negotiator and pseudo career counselor.”

Nathan W. - Mergers & Acquisitions Expert

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